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New Arrival! 27 inch 2K LED monitor with HDMI, DP, DVI

source:本站 | Release time:2016-09-08 09:26:38 | Click on the quantity:470

New Arrival! 27 inch 2K LED monitor with HDMI, DP, DVI

This design is ultra high quality model with high resolution 2560x01440, and big frequency can be reach 50-144Ghz, 
very good at Game use,this new design is made into very slim fashionable look, and VESA  hole is available for wall mounted.
Its multi-inputs function is the biggest key for this design: HDMI1.4+HDMI2.0+DVI+DP.

Fully equipped with accessories: HDMI cable, DVI cable

Size: 27" QHD monitor 
point image resolution: 2560(RGB)*1440(QuadHD) 
Best Resolution: 2560*1440 
Pixel Pitch: 0.0777*0.2331mm 
 pixel spacing: 0.2331*0.2331mm 
aspect ratio: 16:9 
Panel brightness: 350cd/㎡ 
contrast ratio: 5000:1 
reaction time: 5ms 
display color: 1.07B 8-bit+Hi-FRC) 
working voltage: AC110-240V(50Hz-60Hz) 
scan frequency: 50-60Hz 
View Angle: 89/89/89/89 (CR≧10) 
DISPLAY AREA: 569.736*335.664mm 

viewing area: 601.6*340.15mm